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Storm Tea Teatox - 14 day

Storm Tea Teatox - 14 day

Revitalise - Multi Herb infusion with Green tea
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Tea Details

  • Flavour Notes A super healthy herbal infusion with a real freshness. Notes of mild aniseed and citrus fruit. The tea is 100% natural with no added flavourings.
  • Health Benefits With so many wonderful herbs in this infusion it's an overall way to help re-balance your body after times of excess. We suggest a cup in the morning and one before bed. This tea should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Drinking brewed tea and herbal infusions contribute to your daily recommended requirement of 2 litres of water and are virtually calorie-free. Naturally caffeine free.
  • Available in 65g caddy of loose tea


Kickstart your best month ever with our specially formulated herbal infusion each with specific antioxidants and vitamins which are good for you and your skin. Green tea is a well known superfood and can help aid weightloss. This herbal infusion teatox is not a diet, eat well and stay healthy. 65g of loose tea.

Ingredients: nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, vervain, mistletoe, St. John‘s wort, ginkgo leaves, lemongrass, green tea China Sencha, whitethorn leaves, willow herb, cornflower blossoms, safflower blossoms.

Brewing guide

How to make the perfect Storm Tea Teatox - 14 day:

Brew Proportions: 1 teaspoon or 2g of tea to 250mls water Brew Temperature: 100 C Infusion Time: 5 minutes

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