A little bit about Storm Tea

If your looking for the finest loose leaf tea and you prefer the idea of organic tea too, then you've come to the right place! All our range of ‘silky' tea pyramids have been certified organic by the Soil Association. Tea has so many health benefits so we thought why not make the most of this by ensuring organic status for Storm Tea - it's been hard, but we think well worth it.

Storm in a tea cup - taste, quality, simplicity, that's what it's all about for us. From the crisp fresh taste of our organic peppermint tea with it's natural oils or the gentle taste of our organic chinese chun mee green tea through to the authentic, delicately scented organic earl grey tea with a zesty, lemon bergamot oil, it's all now available for you to try - real, clean, refreshing tastes. We are delighted to bring you our ‘silky' Storm Tea pyramids so you can have the very best gourmet quality, organic tea for an official 'storm in a tea cup!'

Real expertise

We couldn't have put the Storm Tea range together without our fine tea taste buds and a real tea expertise. We source our teas from all over the globe for unrivalled taste, passion and commitment. For example our organic camomile tea buds and peppermint tea leaves are selected from Egypt, organic rooibos tea sourced from South Africa, organic earl grey tea leaves from India to name just a few! It's the little differences too like in our organic earl grey tea - we add tiny yellow safflower blossoms as tiny little added health benefit. We can't help but mention some of out latest loose leaf teas too - cherry and beetroot tea with sun ripened cherries picked from Turkey or the fabulous iced tea of bamboo and sweet fruits - the papaya and pineapple from Thailand.

We cater for everyone

Want our organic tea whether in our silky pyramids or as loose leaf tea for your coffee shop or cafe? or even wholesale? no problem we have bespoke solutions for it all offering menu cards through to serving jars and teapots. We even do private label fuso tea bags. Just call us on 01207 545550 or email us on sales@stormtea.co.uk

Oh, and don't forget us for all your other tea accessories too! we sell cool mugs, teapots, tea towels, loose leaf tea infusers - the list goes on...

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