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We like the phrase since we believe that tea in the UK needs a shakeup. We’re a nation of tea drinkers but all too often we’re brewing mass produced teabags packed in just three or four huge factories around the UK – a little like the big breweries that made ordinary beer for so long until the craft brewers came along with a new concept called – flavour! It happened to coffee and it’s happened to gin, artisan bread, cheese, meat and so on. People are voting with their taste-buds and now it seems they want great tea too.

At Storm, established in 2010, we built our small family business on the four pillars that we’re passionate about. The things that we get out of bed for every morning are amazing flavours, consideration for tea farmers and their staff, care for the planet and care for our general wellbeing.

Tea is amazing- as varied and complex as wine. There are so many variables in terroir, altitude, climate, processing, blending, brewing that the choice is endless. Our lives are too short to find all of the great teas but we’re on the hunt through our travels and with our tasting spoons.

We want to share great tea flavours and great tea stories with foodies everywhere. Change is in the air.

The Storm is brewing…

Nowadays Storm Teas can be enjoyed in many independent cafes up and down the country we are also proud that it is served in Jamie Oliver's restaurants. It it also available online with Ocado and of course here on our online shop.

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